Why should you balance your chakras: Everyday Benefits 

Why should you balance your chakras: Everyday Benefits 

Gabi Gal  is a spiritual psychic medium, doctor specialised in holistic medicine, PhD, channeled +44 books about personal development, healing, relationship balancing, active in social media & spred messages to people in the world, taught courses in energy physiology, sound healing, artist, founder of  MedialVagledning.nu & MagicFeelin.se

Why should you balance your chakras: Everyday Benefits 

Chakras are energy vortexes that exist as the intersection of our soul with our human bodies. This intersection generates specific energy spectrums that can sometimes be observed through different colors, depending on their frequencies, and also the ability of the viewer to perceive subtle energies. 

When chakras are unbalanced, it may be a meaningful detecting tool for other imbalances, ailments, diseases of the soul, the mind, the emotions or the physical body. Balancing your chakras may therefore help you attain health, regain health but also prevent imbalances in your whole system. 

Why is it important to balance your chakras?

I particularly believe that our chakras, as our bodies, mind and spirit attempt to attain balance by attempting to reach homeostasis naturally. As part of nature, all energy systems attempt to reach or maintain balance due to several circumstances they may encounter themselves or may be subjected to. There are some circumstances however that external support or help might help attain balance quicker or even prevent serious circumstances. That is, for instance, the case of trauma. When I was working at hospitals, I realized that some of the patients I met going through trauma often experienced an urge of chemicals in their bodies, creating a state of deep inflammation in their cells, as if their whole system was trying to fight against an external force; even if this external force has been gone. This is the case of imprinting a great amount of energy in the body, e.g. because of accidents, falls etc. 

Attaining homeostasis in the overall system can however be reached when the stressor is removed or there is a mastery of karmic cycles or life lessons. I happened however to meet a lot of my patients and clients during the last decade in my counselling and coaching practice that also experienced different traumas. Yet these traumas were not unseen and even not noticeable to themselves or the people around them. These traumas had the same, if not even deeper, effect on them and also in their relationships, emotional health, mental status, life purpose and even physical health. When I was treating some patients, I could notice the correlation of physical diseases that were often treated with suppressed drugs or drugs that stimulated different receptors in the cells to increase the response of e.g. increased absorption of certain hormones or the mitochondria functions.

I saw however deep cellular healing and spontaneous recovery, where some patients I met could stop their drugs completely, enabling them to live a normal life, realizing that what they have heard – that they would have to take those drugs the whole life because of their chronic illnesses, was not true. And the source of healing and complete recovery happened within one to two sessions with me. I happened to see that there was a connection with information lying beyond their physical body, from their souls and traumas from the very past sometimes beyond their birth, and the situation they experienced at the present moment. When the cause was correctly reached and uncovered, healing started to happen. Working together with a team on the other side at the same time, I started to perceive the changes in the patient’s energies, in their subtle bodies and in their chakra system. This has led me to understand that balance in the chakra system is a very important factor for maintaining overall health – but as I wrote earlier, if you have been gathering a lot of past traumas, especially noticing consequences of potential ones right now, balancing the chakras will only help you temporarily. That is to say that e.g. depression, worries, anxiety, fears, and any mental or emotional state but even organs that may not function as they should can carry information that is being transcribed from another dimension of your being that you may not be aware of. As an iceberg, if you only treat the surface, you will never remove or transform the cause, which is under the water. All possible treatments to change the result will not lead to a successful transformation or evolution because the formula that led to that situation is not uncovered. 

What happens when you balance your chakras?

When you balance your chakras, you may use your subtle bodies to readjust their energies intersecting the physical body. In other words, you may need some knowledge of your energy anatomy to be able to tap into your unique energies and successfully attain balance in your chakras. 

You may also feel different reactions in your body as you adjust your subtle energies. You may feel energy blocks or emotions coming up, perhaps thoughts or even other type of information if you are psychically attuned to yourself and aware of the communication happening in your own energy field. When you start to master your own energies, you may come to a more balanced state in your chakras. I believe this is the ultimate lesson on this planet, to be able to master the alchemic use of energies in the physical realm, to maintain balance even expanding, transforming, evolving, and even challenged by your environment and other circumstances in your life, such as relationships, work or even your physical body’s life span. 

Symptoms of an unbalanced chakra

As we are growing and expanding, we need to go with the flow of our soul energies in the physical realm. When we are not, we create blocks and stops in the energy flow or even energy leaks that need to be repaired and transformed, to be able to attain chakra balance. These blocks, leaks or stops may be manifested in the form of heaviness in certain regions in your body, lack of energy in some parts of your body, even organs or tissues and overflow of energy in other parts. 

Very clear symptoms of unbalanced heart chakra is e.g. heart problems. In the world a lot of people have heart problems and it is one of the reasons why a lot of people die too. Even if there is a lot of research in this field and an attempt to repair the systemic blood flow or even surgery to repair actual blocks in veins or arteries; such as removal of cholesterol layers and the excess of thrombocytes, I have noticed that oftentimes these scenarios are developed over time because of accumulated energies over the course of a life time of an individual, where forgiveness and unconditional love should be exercised. Though my medical background makes me believe that exercise and food are both important as well to this type of situation, I also realize from my counselling practice that many clients I have met actually possess underlying energy-based issues that created the scenario. Our actions, the food that we choose, the way we love ourselves, the way we listen to ourselves, nurture ourselves and are able to forgive others, develop compassion for ourselves and others, deeply influence the whole health of our bodies, mind and spirit. Energy awareness is therefore the key to success in human life.

What are the benefits of chakra healing? 

As though I particularly do not believe that chakra healing in itself can solve all your problems because I have particularly experienced that knowledge of the body, the mind and the spirit are all important; I have witnessed in my practice but also doing work in myself, that chakra healing has deeply impact the health of my body, my cells, my mind and emotions. We all may go through different situations in our days, experience challenges and encounter learning scenarios that may trigger our consciousness and what we have experienced earlier in our lives, relationships, work, business etc. These meetings, relationships, situations may impact in our subtle energies, also creating a reaction in our bodies. Automatically, our chakras may be out of balance until we understand the source of the situation.

Have you felt uncomfortable meeting someone or going to a specific place, or even experiencing conflicts in your behavior, holding your emotions and having an outburst at some time in your life? All of this is a sign that your chakras need healing and realignment. When you heal your chakras, you may end up feeling a better flow in your energy, an increased ability to manifest abundance and also to receive it, an free flow of unconditional love, an enhanced ability to attract and create healthy relationships, a better sense of self, empowerment, sovereignty, joy and happiness. 

Can I balance my chakras everyday? 

Yes. The more you learn about your energies through energy awareness, the more you become an expert of your own energies. This means that you will recognize when your chakras need balancing because you will gather an increased consciousness of your own soul. This increased consciousness will give you the gift of balance or the ability to restore balance at a much quicker pace. 

I like to see this thing about balancing chakras in a different way though. I particularly believe that balancing the chakras themselves is a technique that you may be called to do when you are not fully aware of the higher spiritual lessons of using energies in the physical dimension. When you start to master the lessons of energy alchemy on this planet, you will no longer need to go on and do all this boring chakra healing meditations and spiritual procedures. Because you will understand the knowledge and lessons it takes to master your own soul and allow it to light up as it is supposed to in the physical realm. But not until you do that, chakra balancing can be something you can do every day or every day you feel weird, out of focus, heavy, worried, anxious etc. You may also want to do this when you want to boost your healing and recovery of different ailments. 

Easy tips to balance your chakras in a few minutes

Start imagining that you carry the rainbow colors within yourself. This is because you have got a lot of different frequencies and you, your soul and atoms reflect a specific electromagnetic field. The lower energies of your body vibrate a bit slower, these are the Earth-based energies, more solid and that is why you have got organs there that are doing the hard work of separating molecules from food and reassimilating them into other organs, to be then sent up to the system. Because the lower parts of your body is vibrating slower the colors that reflect these vibrational spectrums are red, orange and yellow. Focus on these three colors and imagine the red, orange and yellow one above the other flowing naturally and rotating naturally. Observe if there are any stops and blocks. Do the same thing with your upper energies, from your heart up to the head. Picture a green energy from your heart, then light blue in your throat, dark blue or indigo around your third eye and purple or white around your head. Observe if there are any stops and blocks there. See yourself connected with the Earth and the skies. 

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