What is inner body awareness? – Benefits and techniques 

What is inner body awareness? – Benefits and techniques 

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What is inner body awareness? – Benefits and techniques 

Inner body awareness is when you get conscious of the meaning of the signals that your body sends out. Our bodies send out different signals, such as pain and different emotions to allow us to perceive and understand our environment and our human experience. 

These signals may also be translated into the word intuition. Therefore, another way of saying “body awareness” is “body intuition”.  

Body awareness or “body intuition”, as I prefer to say, can be noted by the enhanced consciousness and perception of physical impulses in your body.  

These impulses may come from physical, metabolic signals, as the results of communication amongst your cells, melting down food, absorbing nutrients and transforming them into something more tangible for our own body functions, such (glycol)proteins, sorting out and storing fat and glucose, and separating oxygen and hydrogen molecules from water, air and food, recycling them into the blood and cells for their normal function.  

In other words, physical awareness of what your body needs, or its own energy transformational process happens through different emotions and even translated into pain. If you instead take drugs to relieve the signals, you will be masking the underlying needs of your own body, and decrease your body awareness. You will instead repress your body intuition and create even more imbalance in your physical processes.  

Food and physical matter that are required for balanced metabolic processes, maintaining the body homeostasis, are just a tiny part of inner body awareness. There may be other components that may send out signals, transporting information from one layer of our consciousness to another.  

This happens because information can be absorbed by food, water and air, but it can also be absorbed through our eyes (what we see), our ears (what we hear), our nose (what we smell or sense), and even our touch (experiencing something).  

Everything transfers information to our energy system, our bodies. Understanding these information pathways and gathering knowledge about these different communication processes allow you for higher consciousness of your own life journey and attaining more control of your life.   

-How do you control energy in your body?

To control energy in your body, it is important to be conscious that everything you come in contact with is information. Everything within yourself and around you makes up a source of information that can be transferred to different places in the physical realm.  

When you eat something, you insert information (food), which is solid and goes down to your digestive tract. From the moment you smell the food, you are already absorbing its information through smell and your body already senses if that is a good food to your body.  

Have you lost this innate sense, which most people have done throughout ages of learning that they should eat what they get served, then you have lost an initial contact with your body’s inner awareness, your intuition.  

Your saliva prepares and melts down some of the food molecules. When you swallow food, there is a squeezing motoric process in your throat that helps the sensing and extract of food “information”, helping it be sorted out or smashed so that it reaches the stomach – and becomes an energy soup. 

In the energy soup, the biggest work is done within physical bodies, to sort out food information, break down some molecules or send them further in the digestive process. 

Different hormones are sent from different parts of the digestive tract to work directly with specific information that is obtained from the food and put everything in the right place in our bodies. Information that does not serve you may be excluded by your urinary tract or your large intestines.  

All this process not only happens with food but also with the air that you breathe, the relationships that you get, the things that you read or see, the people you relate, the clothes that you wear, the surface that you sit, the thoughts that you think, and everything that you do.  

It is important to understand that everything that you come in contact conveys information; and that information exists because there is a specific energy configuration of what you have come across with. 

Information can then be translated into knowledge if it has a function for you. And knowledge can be translated into wisdom when you have mastered its function and application, so you can then control energies (information) that come to you and be the alchemist of your own life.  

As a consequence, you can also control energies in your body because you have mastered the simplest energy awareness on this planet and understood how everything works at quantum level – and that you are not different from what else that exists.   

-How do you feel energy moving in your body?  

Energy can only move in your body because there is a component of time. If there is no time component, then nothing moves on this physical plane. If you are placing your consciousness on a future event and, at the same time, something is happening right now before you, then your energy perception will not be the same with the experience you have before you.  

This happens because you will be projecting your consciousness to a future event. Yet if you are in the present moment, you will notice the energy before and within you with ease, as you are synchronized with the rotation of planet Earth, the movements in nature, the wind, the cycles of the day and night in nature, your own metabolic processes and heartbeat and your breathing rhythmic process.  

Your breathing can be understood as the consequence of the energy movement that exists not only within yourself but also in nature. Similarly, your heartbeat can also be translated as nature’s rhythmic processes that create greater consciousness, through information exchange, transformation and movement.  

Feeling the energy moving in your body becomes then an easy process, when you connect with the forces of nature, through the movement of your breath and heartbeat.  

Listening to your heartbeat or your breath can be a good start to connect with your own energy system and its movement.  

-How do you become more energy aware?  

You can become aware of energy through widening your own consciousness to perceive itself. The more you perceive and understand about yourself, the more you can start becoming aware of your own energy.  

As you start to understand deeper about yourself, your own role on this planet, your function, how you co-create with others, the limits between you and another, who you really are, you start to be in harmony with yourself and attain a state of bliss. 

In this state, you can stay connected with the present moment and note energies that may pass by your mind or frame of awareness; as well as what may come or what has passed. You may start to identify other energies that may come to you from other dimensions, and you may also enhance your sensitivity.  

With a greater sensitivity, you may want to learn about new types of energies that you may have contact with that you haven’t before. Suddenly, you may want to explore other energies that come from beyond your body, your emotions, thoughts and spiritual energies. 

From there, you may want to move higher on your journey of self-awareness, noting from the smallest components of existence to the biggest ones.   

-3 inner body awareness techniques 

Here are some inner body awareness techniques you can try to widen your consciousness: 

  1. Stay in the present moment.  
  2. Listen to your heartbeat.  
  3. Listen to your natural breathing rhythms. 

-What are the benefits of inner body awareness  

Inner body awareness can help you with better health, better relationships, greater harmony, making better choices even in your business or career. You may attain better health and balance through understanding your own body intuition, its signals that have been forgotten, misused or crossed during many years or even lifetimes.  

You may understand the consequences of your actions and listen in to make better choices in your life through understanding the world of energies.

You may create better relationships through knowing how to, when to and if you would like to interact with different people, the results of interactions, the kinds of experiences that you would like to offer to your life and become the alchemist of your own life.  

Inner body awareness brings you freedom and empowerment, to be able to live the life that was meant for you to live without stress, suffering and challenges that you may have found in your life in the past.  

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