How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life – Tips and exercises to handle stress and worry

How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life – Tips and exercises to handle stress and worry

Can tarot cards predict love: a holistic coach weighs in (energy awareness)

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Gabi Gal  is a spiritual psychic medium, doctor specialised in holistic medicine, PhD, channeled +44 books about personal development, healing, relationship balancing, active in social media & spred messages to people in the world, taught courses in energy physiology, sound healing, artist, founder of &

How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life – Tips and exercises to handle stress and worry

How to tarot cards work?

Tarot or oracle cards are symbolic imprints, that is, images and numbers carrying specific information to allow for interpretation of the human life. Tarot cards have been created based on the human life and historic symbols of huge importance for the different cultures and ages. In most tarot decks, you may find different figures representing the Earth nature but also the human evolution nature, important archetypes about the human life and recurring characters over the course of human history. 

Tarot cards work as a means of creating a story out of certain situations, helping you to make sense of your own reality. In fact, they are no magic but simply a tool to transfer specific words, names, and mental pictures to make sense of a situation, relationship, challenge or life story. 

I started to play tarot and oracle cards already when I was around seven or eight out of curiosity. I was interested in discovering the occult and the hidden stories of things, people and human life. With a strong research nose, I could suddenly make sense of information and communicate with my mother, who was my test counselling client, who happened to confirm all things that I communicated. From then, I left behind my interests in runes, cards and crystals and instead believed that those things were just a child-game, because of the skepticism of my surroundings. I focused instead on studying lots of modern sciences, to reconnect with tarot and oracle cards in adult age, during my PhD, when I myself went through a difficult period in my marriage that led to divorce. I suddenly, started to experiment with tarot and oracle cards to understand the energies that mirrored the situations I experienced and the bigger picture of the experience. From then, I started to notice how the energies moved from the past to the future and when I had mastered some lessons, through gathering wisdom from situations. The cards would then change. Otherwise I would get the same cards again and again even if I had mixed them all. 

I happened to see that there was something in my hands that were attracting the same cards again and again during a couple of days and even weeks. From this observation, I started to realise that the cards I chose by closing my eyes would mirror my subconscious mind or even the subconscious reflection of a situation that I was in. I discovered that there was a connection between the energies that I had within myself and the energies of the cards. So if I would change my thoughts, I would also get answers from other cards I chose. 

As I started to develop my intuitive sense and understand different symbols in the tarot and oracle cards, I started to easily pick up information that was not even in the cards. I realized then that the cards only served for a purpose of naming things, but that the real information already existed in my superconscious mind – but I had to learn to access it. The cards helped me access the superconscious mind and subconscious issues. I realized then that I actually did not need any cards but I could channel information from my third eye and other soul senses without any actual physical material. Over the years, I decided to come back however to tarot and oracle card reading because I find it is fun and makes me tap into my creativity another way, especially when I am reading for groups. Otherwise, I usually have instead observed people’s energies remotely when I have counselled them over the phone. 

With all these experiences, I happened to learn that tarot or oracle cards work as messengers that carry specific information encoded and can serve as a basis for deciphering  other energies, people and experiences; but they themselves cannot help you forecast or understand anything if you haven’t already built your own symbolic library, with your own intuitive language. If you cannot use your inbuilt intuitive senses, it is like having a book where you cannot apply or translate the knowledge into actual experiences. 

What does the lover’s tarot card mean? 

 The lovers is a very popular card. Though it is represented by a man and a woman, it does not necessarily mean that it is about a lover. Sometimes this card shows us when you have to make a choice. 

This card is represented by number 6. In numerology, number 6 means beauty, balance, harmony. This card can also indicate balance, coming into balance, embracing love, uniting your masculine and feminine energies, but it could also mean the actual meeting of your counterpart in the physical realm. 

The easier way to interpret The Lovers’ card is to look at the other cards in the spread. But you can also rely on your intuition to know, sense, feel or even hear information that may help you understand this card and what it means when you see it. 

We humans create our own truth through our own inbuilt knowledge database as of how we see the world. We learn languages to be able to make sense of the physical world and be able to communicate energies, transfer energies and receive energies. The same way, when we look at specific people, situations and circumstances, we may interpret them in a specific way based on the specific framework that we have within ourselves – that is, our own consciousness. the more we widen our consciousness, the more we can broaden our own understanding of reality but also tap into other people’s truths, and be able to discern energies. 

You can also perceive other things in the image of the Lovers’ card, such as the apple. For me is the apple a symbol of abundance. It might be something else for you in your own consciousness. I look at the snake in the picture and think of a healing presence of the Divine Feminine. But it can also be interpreted as the Old Testament’s stories of Adam and Eve, and the forbidden apple that was eaten; or even a snake byte. I can tell you, I know that love relationships usually entail a lot of healing because two people getting together are coming from different experiences and perspectives; that sometimes need healing and mutual support. But that can also be interpreted as healing has come because you finally met your partner; and you can come to a state of harmony (number 6) because your divine counterpart in the physical realm represents the masculine or the feminine mirror of your soul. 

There is something above the picture, which makes me resemble of an angel. The woman is looking up at the angel, whereas the man is looking at her. That makes me think that the woman is connected with the invisible, the YIN, the divine feminine nature, the skies, whereas the man, who carries more of a YANG energy, directed, focused, analytical, rational, look up for the woman because she carries the keys of heaven. 

If you are very into details, you can also look at the colors and see what they mean for you. Purple means transformation for me or the connection with the crown chakra; which for me represents divine intervention and peace. 

What is a Love tarot reading?

As I wrote earlier, you can see tarot as a game, a simple book or story that you create or read along; but you can also use it for other purposes, such as tapping into one’s subconscious or even superconscious mind, energies that are not yet manifested in the physical real but are already landing in lower dimensions enough to understand the chances for that scenario to happen. 

I do personally believe that we can always make choices. But I also understood through my own life experiences that, some choices are already chosen by things we cannot control. These experiences are usually pre-destined, experiences that your soul already chose before incarnating, people that you would meet, circumstances that you would experience, so that you would step into your soul’s purpose and be able to move towards the direction that your soul would like to in the physical realm. When you don’t listen to these subtle messages and understand the wisdom of different situations, you may be led to situations that will cause you even more suffering and contrast. 

When it comes to a love reading, my experience is that you can foresee different scenarios and certain information about the past, present and possible future. But the future is also something that you can change and transform, because you can always make new choices. There may be other elements around you as well that make different choices and you may be affected. But, I do personally believe today that when there is a strong bond with someone in the higher realms, nothing will lead you guys into different directions because you are already connected by the highest energy of love. 

A tarot reading can, for example, identify these things. You can see which kind of relationship you are entering, understand conflicts, make sense of third parties, understand karmic lessons (that is things we sometimes have to break free from, understand or evolve so that we can become the best version of ourselves and step into our power in this life time); find out potential outcomes if you choose lover A, B or C. 

A tarot reader may look at the cards, see the stories and tell you hints. But it is only your heart that may tell you the real answers. A tarot reader may as well not be a psychic medium that is able to perceive more details about your love interest clairvoyantly or even provide you with information based on her own vibrational spectrum. In other words, if you have got a reading from someone whose energy may be imprinted in the cards and who vibrates at a specific dimension of consciousness, and even being influenced by specific guides or people on the other side who are not coming to serve a higher purpose in the reading, then you will end up getting a biased reading. I have seen this with people who were watching some of my LIVE psychic medium readings, sometimes more than 15 000, who got private messages from other readers where energies were not intentionally good. They could offer cheap readings and the people who chose to accept it because of the prices, also get the consequences of their choices. 

A love reading can detect a lot of information. I could often detect when people were e.g. unfaithful, when there were third parties, where people would move away from each other, but also when there were feelings and experiences that another didn’t feel like sharing and created upheaval and great challenges in relationships. Oftentimes, I could choose to provide information necessary to tap into a soul’s higher learning rather than only answering specific questions. Because I do believe that our lives are not about other people and their choices, but how we use our own life lessons to grow, embody love and be able to be in our full power to offer this love to someone else. But also to feel that you deserve to receive it. 

Can anyone read tarot cards? 

Can anyone read tarot cards? I ask you a new question then: can anyone read letters? Yes, anyone who learns the basic symbols, can read letters and be able to create sentences and meanings. But not everyone is able to understand the complexity and the subtlety of texts; and even hidden knowledge that is not able to see through the letters but can be caught by attuning to someone’s subconscious mind. For the latter, it requires a greater skill of attunement to higher frequencies. You can learn this but not everyone will be able to extend their consciousness to this level, because not everyone has the necessary vibrational awareness to do so; but it does not mean that everyone can learn and grow to the biggest extent one can. We are all born with different gifts; and all gifts we are born are important too. Because of this, the world is rich and we can experience one another, be able to see the world in different ways, and experience so much goodness thanks to the fact that we are born different. 

Can everyone sing? Yes. Everyone can. But not everyone can sing well; not everyone becomes a professional singer. And not everyone focuses on it either. We all have free will to develop our talents and gifts; and invest on what makes us feel a sense of expansion and happiness; that can also generate abundance in different ways in our lives. The same is true to reading tarot cards. Do you feel prompted to learn this? Do you feel a sense of expansion and increasing self-awareness? Do you feel called to do so? Or are you just curious? As with whichever talent, the level of engagement and motivation is decisive to how you will succeed in allowing your goals to happen. 

3 tips to keeping the love alive when you find it

 When you find love, it is important to really continue your own process of self-awareness and reflection about your own life, what you have learned in your day, your challenges and needs; A very common problem with love relationships is that one may project one’s own challenges onto another. This usually kills relationships because once you have forgotten the love for yourself, you cannot love another. 

Tip 1  Always love yourself

Always love yourself. Always love yourself to be able to offer this love to another as well. If you can’t love yourself or accept who you are, it becomes difficult to love and accept another person in your life. It becomes hard to find love outside yourself if you don’t already have this love vibration within yourself. Never fall on a trap thinking that you would like to find love outside yourself, or feel needed by someone else’s claim of your love, and be instead motivated by an ego need of what you have not, what you are not, what you cannot see within yourself. You only find true love outside yourself when you have found true love within yourself. There is when you have found your own reflection onto someone that is meant for you. 

Tip 2 Work with your shadows 

 We may all come with baggage from false perceptions, wounds from the past, and other thoughts we had about partnerships based on our past experiences. If we keep on comparing our partners with past experiences, overreacting, blaming or playing guilt, we are doing a diservice to ourselves and the other. We are then denying our own responsibility for our feelings, emotions and thoughts. When we take charge of our emotions, thoughts, deeds and feelings, we start to become emotionally mature to the point that we can live with healthy and harmonious love and friends’ relationships, aware of our past experiences, our needs and accepting to be vulnerable; to be able to grow into more light and overcome inner challenges. It is when we are humble to ourselves about our own feelings and emotions, that we can grow and expand. But it is also by becoming aware of why we felt as we did that we can grow. Our partner may as well only reflect an energy that we needed to heal within ourselves. 

Tip 3 Live in the present moment

A very common mistake many couples do is to plan for the future, live in the past or commit themselves with a bunch of things, creating a lot of responsibilities, and not dedicating time to themselves so that they can just be. Being in the present moment creates memories for ever because you access the highest vibrational energy of truth and you are able to access the energy of love. 

In our modern societies, we are usually called to keep our schedules busy and overwork, take care of families, commit ourselves to friends and everything else that may come up and not prioritise what is most important to us, love. Loving yourself first and then experiencing this love with another is a huge gift that the universe can give you; because it allows pure light to meet and to merge with each other; allowing the higher realms to come down to the Earth. 

Energy in the present moment gives you access to memories and shared truth perhaps from other life times and dimensions; and even clarity to build visions and dreams together. It is an illusion that you need to do a lot of things or go on long journeys and spend a lot of money to experience happiness with one another. Even though variation, trips, places may be fun for many, if you are not living in the present totally focused on here and now with your partner, you are not able to discover and experience together a huge well of wisdom, abundance and wealth from pure source energy. This is specially true with meeting divine counterparts. When you two are present and vibrating pure love together, you lighten up everyone around you creating ripple effects that lead to more clarity and love to your whole surrounding but also to past karmic ties that get dissolved and transformed. This is the gift from nature to oneness, enlightenment and planetary ascension.   

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